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Why Counselling?

The art of counselling is to help you come to terms with the many obstacles you face by offering you a safe and trustworthy space to explore your whole life experiences. 

The holistic, encompassing, affect, is scientifically proven to help with positive mental health and well being. 

My aim of engaging engaging with you is that I will offer you; a 360 degree, facilitated opportunity, to talk openly and honestly about any difficulty you are experiencing, enabling exploration of your emotions.

Counselling will eventually reduce you're anxiety, allowing you to make effective decisions leading to positive changes in you're attitude and/or behaviour. 

The ultimate aim of counselling is to enable you to make your own choices & reach you're own decisions.

You will receive a copy of my counselling guidelines. 

I may offer DBT or CBT to help you along the way. I recommend 6 sessions as a minimum. 

If you are happy to proceed then we will book you in for your first counselling session by either contacting me by text or email.